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We offer a wide range of customized services from producing music and audiovisuals for creative and corporate needs. Be it for the soul or for brand promotion. Be it for employee branding or background music for films. Be it for fun or attempts to express one's self. We provide high-quality professional services supported by a team of experts in New Delhi, Mumbai, and the Netherlands.

We are one of the pioneers in India to design music and cinema driven corporate leadership development workshop modules; having conducted over 550 workshops in India and the Far East for organizations.


With our three decades of understanding of music /sound, its impact on human behavior and its relevance to brand architecture, we are the first  Sonic Branding Practitioners in India.

We have recently collaborated with Utrecht, The Netherlands based Stichting Poorvi for our third film as a producer.

Trumpet Player


Life Coach (Part 1) from ICF, USA

Foundation course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Introduction to Music Production and Developing Your Musicianship from Berklee College of Music

Creativity Innovation and Change from Pennsylvania State University

The Language of Hollywood - Storytelling Sound Color from Wesleyan


Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from CaseWestern Reserve University

A Brief History of Mankind from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 History of Rock from University of Rochester

Actors Course by Makarand


Film Appreciation Course from Film & Television Institute of India

Mythology & Screenwriting Workshop by Anjum Rajabali, Whistling Woods International

Awards & Records

U.N. instituted Karmaveer Award and Fellowship

 Editor's Choice Award from International Library of Poetry,USA

 Limca Book of Records for co-creation of Anthems

Concert Crowd

Music & Cinema 

All India top 10 at Levi's Great Indian Rock by RSJ

 Winner - Barcelona Planet Film Festival

 Official Selection at Near Nazareth


 Award of Merit at CanadaShorts Film Festival

 Winner at Amsterdam International Film Festival

Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cine Fest  Nominee at Golden Fox Award

Gold Script of the Year Award at India Film Project

 Dada Saheb Phalke Film 'Special Festival Mention'  Award

Music Education & Sonic Branding

 Project top 10 case studies at International Audio Branding Congress, Oxford,


Audio Branding module for Team interventions acknowledged by Limca Book of Records as the first of its kind in India


Covered as study by The Audio Branding Journal, Germany

 Project top 10 case studies  in the world at International Audio Branding Congress, Oxford,UK

Audio Branding module for Team interventions acknowledged by Limca Book of Records as the first of its kind in India

Certificates & Accolades
Shades of Anupam

Shades of Anupam 

Anupam gave up an established career of 11 years in maritime operations & marketing and took a dive into the fathomless world of creativity in 1997. He has worked with agents of US Lines INC, Regional Container Lines Pte. Ltd, Bengal Tiger Line GmbH and Crown Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd.

He spent the next one and a half years exploring life that took him to the depths and heights of Himalayas.  

With his corporate and extensive experience in the world of creativity, Anupam has developed processes to drive synergy in teams. He is an employee branding & people strategy facilitator and drives Emotional and Creative Quotient in teams using music and cinema. He has conducted over 550 workshops for bluechip companies in India and the Far East. 

Anupam is also one of the pioneers of Sonic Branding in India. He is an author and has written a collection of short stories titled 'The Colours of Sound', published internationally by Partridge India.


Playing the Blues on the guitar since 1980, Anupam has directed music for 2 films, and over 60 animation/documentary / corporate films besides producing over 200 original songs for clients.  He has been in the top 10 in India at The Levi's Great Indian Rock by RSJ with his band, The Karmic Circle. Anupam is also the founder of India's first organized guitar school, Guitar Workshop having produced 1000 students over the years.


A filmmaker & screenplay writer, his film, Mirza's Friend Ghalib has earned 21 awards/nominations / official selections at film festivals across the world. He has also written, edited, and composed background scores and directed, Tumhari Ammu. Nobody's Idol and The Yellow Journalist are at post-production stage. Anupam is working on a feature film project with an Indo-Dutch collaborator.

He is an aspiring actor having trained with Maestros. Anupam has acted as a junior artist in a Bengali series in the 80s besides a feature film. He has acted in his recent film, Tumhari Ammu' and his forthcoming film at post production stage, 'Nobody's Idol'.

Anupam is the founding Director of a boutique organization, Stargate Experiences Pvt. Ltd.  He's also the ex-Director of SoundSense Experiences Pvt. Ltd (formerly Elephant SoundSense).

Anupam's is a Speaker and has spoken at Singapore Management University, SHRM, V.I.P.S. amongst many others. In his free time, he dabbles with photography, runs a weekend hobby kitchen, Bhukkhadkhana - The Kitchen of the Weekend Nawab and loves to explore the Himalayas.

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Anthems for Teams


Conducted over 550 workshops / employee engagement programmes in India and Far East

Available in 3 formats - Full Day / Half Day & Online

The Magic of Anthems

Participants conceptualise, write, compose, sing, perform and 

professionally record their team Anthem on site; capturing the spirit of the team and the values / vision of the organisation

The track is later processed, mixed and mastered in our studios.


Prior experience in music is not required

Case Studies / Recognition

Amongst top 10 cases studies at the International Audio 

Branding Congress, Oxford, UK


Covered as case study by Audio Branding Journal, Germany

Acknowledged by Limca Book of Records as the first of its kind in India

I, Cinema & Change

I, Cinema  & Change

wear a film director's hat

Screenwriting & Pre Production

Participants study Navarasa or the 9 core Human Emotions​ to capture the sprit of the team and the organisation to write their first screenplay. 


With roles & responsibilities divided, the participants prepare for shooting in the pre production stage .

Available in 3 formats - Full Day / Half Day & Online

Available in both cellphone mode for closed venue workshop and full production mode for off site training programmes


Participants break into groups with 

designated roles and responsibilities and begin shooting their first film

They deal with all departments hands on.

Editing & Post Production

Participants edit, make background score etc in post production stage

The film is screened at the end of the workshop and later polished in our studios in Delhi & Mumbai before given in various formats for internal organisational use like employee branding, induction programmes, communication etc

Micro Modules

Micro Modules

Know Your Sound

Participants go through the process of identifying how sound impacts human behavioural patterns

How to identify and manage unwanted sound in day to life

Understanding  impact of music & various applications of sound 

Sonic Branding & Impact on buying behaviour

Available in 2 formats - Half Day & Online

Spot On

Participants co create an advertisement spot for FM radio based on parameters of product attributes, brand architecture, product positioning, target audience, demographics etc

Available in 2 formats - Half Day & Online

Music & Film Appreciation

Participants witness the history and development of Music and Cinema in separate or combined modules. They learn to appreciate and critique music and cinema along with understanding the departments of film making in its pre production, production and post production stages

Available in 2 formats - Half Day & Online

Guitar Workshop

Guitar Workshop

music lessons since 2002

The Journey

Established in 2002 in a class room that was a part of a computer academy.


In 2 months, the strength grew over 100 and the entire academy was converted into Guitar Workshop; with the former moving out.

Over  the years, 1000 students have trained in music  with many in main stream Indian film industry and Rock Circuit

Students in Limca Book of Record as the youngest band in India to release an Album

First Guitar school in India


In-house audio recoding facilities 

In-house music video production


Guitar Strings


Lessons are customised for every student basis their degree of development and learning abilities

Students are encouraged to learn the art of recording on DAW

Emphasis is given on development of Musical Intelligence 

Skill Development is given equal importance as understanding of aural emotions

Lesson plans are primary targeted as triggering creativity and originality in students

Emphasis on theory is given after students have started to play and enjoy themselves

Students are encouraged to learn songs themselves and restructure them

Student audio recordings are considered for evaluation of  progress 

Lessons are not designed to teach

cover songs but to develop skills enough so that students can learn songs of their choice by themselves

Students are encouraged to study different genres and compose their own music

Progress in critiqued and examinations are not encouraged. After all music is played first !


Music lessons for large group in corporate premises

Online lessons supported by state of the art technology

Offline one - one lesson only for advanced students study music composition and audio recording

Comprehensive online course on Sonic Branding on MOOCs

Comprehensive online course in Music Composition on MOOCs - in progress

Comprehensive online course on Demystification of Music Theory  on MOOCs - in progress

Red Chairs
Mirza's Friend Ghalib