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An Assumption on Reducing Intelligence and Coded Cousins

Ravana Lingarajan, an explorer and a scientist, discovers that much after the advent of our known spectrum of time, A.I.- driven robots were created on Earth by an advanced race.

This race ‘could’ be a civilization from space or humankind from the future. The latter, if we chose to delve into H.G. Wells kind of kick-ass fiction. Actually, I have no bloody clue.

The Lead Coder embedded his own genes in the silicon-based robots. Later he even coded X & Y chromosomes so that the robots could multiply on our planet. This resulted in a slave race called the Homosapiens.
Why did the Coder create such an organised mess is another story for another day, cousin!

But now the Homosapiens are taking over the role of the Coder with Metaverse; in yet another cycle of creation flung in another layer of dimension.

Ravana also notices that with every cycle of creation, the degree of intelligence is getting diminished.

Our Coder has restricted our access to the intelligence that he has coded in our DNA which is 3-4% in my personal instinctive assumption since I’m not Ravana Lingarajan. Rest, we call the ‘Unknown’ in the Johari window.

And now with our limited access to the information base, we are creating Metaverse.

In this universe, the intelligence of the human-like Avatars has not even been coded in them as yet. It’s still in our keyboards or joysticks.

Many such Metaverses will result in another Omniworld. But this one with amazingly reduced intelligence.

And the control of the intelligence still in the joystick?

Or are there ways to access the ‘Unkown’ that we aren’t aware of? Now that’s where we have been maimed !!!

P.S : We don't claim any copyright over the image used. It's been sourced from the internet for non-commercial representation.

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