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Brahm or Bhram - Of Understandings & Misunderstandings

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

I have never accepted the concept of God the way its been thrust upon us over the recorded history of mankind. I know that a superpower exists that I don’t even know. This Super Consciousness is often called Mahābrahm. So actual Bhramin is one with knowledge of the Cosmos. The Brahm.

So, let’s begin from here. I have always believed that who we worship as Gods are not Gods. But before that it’s better we lay out the concept of God for clarity.

God, for me, is an all-powerful consciousness that can create and destroy anything. And the complexity of the creation is dimensional and beyond human bandwidth. It is self-created and omnipotent. Time here is only an illusion.
I often note that Pre Adamite civilizations were perceived as Gods who once existed on Earth. Stories and myths tell us of beings who had much higher consciousness than us. In simple words, their brains functioned more than ours. And ours usually works at 3 % of its full potential.

Old books say that God created man in his own image with dust, his own blood and the breath of Life. And then, from the man’s rib, woman was created.

There is also mention of asexual humans before the first man and woman. What that would mean is that the first human was deprived of X & Y chromosomes. Someone must have felt the need for humans to procreate for reasons best known to him and added X & Y chromosomes.

The Doggone tribe in Africa has a history hidden in their folklores that goes into antiquity. It says that Gods came from a star system near Orion who created mankind. And all through time, the Doggone tribe knew of this star system when we, humankind, have just discovered it!

They also talk of Gods creating man with soil from Earth and their own blood.

My interest in such matters as above has also taken to study research on reptilian elements in humans. For instance, the core of our brain that is connected to our spine is called the Reptilian Brain. This forces us to take notice of our needs, hunger, sex, survival etc. One may also call this the basic instinct of an animal!

I have heard a respected and knowledgeable Padma Bhushan awardee saying there was an intervention by an advanced Reptilian race; the reminiscence of whom are the hooded snakes on Earth.

Old books also talk about God being a blinding ball of light that’s all-consuming. And we know that there are constant electric sparks in our bodies. What's all this about?

We find indications of genetic engineering and robotics in ancient texts, seals and tablets. So what the hell is happening ??

Now let's turn the story. A small garage with an Uber Super Computer on a table. A nerd is in front. The year 3033.

The technology available is so advanced that it's impossible to differentiate between reality and simulation-driven by Artificial intelligence.

The nerd decides to create a multi-dimensional simulation. It's like the super-advanced version of the super-advanced games that we play on high-end gaming consoles where everything is nearly 99 % real. The humans in these games have everything that humans have except intelligence. The nerd uses a joystick with which he controls the human and uses his own Intelligence to command.

Then the nerd decides to transfer some of his own intelligence to the humans in the game. So he, a coder par excellence, begins to code. Soon the humans who so far were receiving commands through a joystick, suddenly have some intelligence but only to take care of survival and procreation. But why? The nerd knows.

While he goes on his coding spree, the humans are bloody trapped in the game of the nerd. With limited intelligence, humans don't know who the hell created them and why? So they are left to themselves to procreate and survive. The nerd even creates a mechanism called nature that produces everything a human needs.

So before he goes to create something else in another simulation, he closes the folder with the game inside in running mode. He then creates another folder and begins to create another simulation on an absolutely different set of principles.
Now, in both cases, there are life forms with controlled intelligence in respective folders who are not aware of each other. This way the nerd creates 64 simulations based on different principles in 64 different folders that are independent of each other.

While the nerd continues his gamification, the folder with humans gets infected with viruses. And before the nerd can create anti-viruses, the humans begin to feel emotions and gradually get totally invested in his fight for survival. After all, with the 3% intelligence, he can't control his Reptilian needs.

When the human cries out in pain and asks for relief, the coder once in a while sends advanced life forms based on different principles to the human to provide relief. These advanced beings or Gods teach humans methods like yoga, tantra, tai chi and so on to free themselves from the folder. But soon human is out of the folder, he/she realises that now he’s trapped in a bigger game.

Time gets created that goes by. With the perception of speed and distance, spacetime gets created. But one fine day, the nerd gets angry with humans destroying nature due to the virus in their system and begins challenging the nerd's principles of coding. So the nerd presses ALT + CONTROL + DELETE to start all over again.

Suddenly, the nerd loses the part of intelligence that he had given humans, as reality and A.I. driven simulations were integrated. And every time, the nerd did this, he'd lose a part of his intelligence till the nerd had no intelligence left!

Maya or binary Illusion. after all. Even God is an Illusion? I don't know.

None of us knows the actual answer. What is God? Who is God? Where is God? We all have our own perceptions. Like mine is based on various readings and my innermost sensibilities.

I don't know how closely I have been able to express my innermost thoughts by drawing a parallel between a supercomputer and our known Creation.

I, too, want to understand the true meaning of God. But I'm restricted to a mere 3 % of the full potential that my brain holds. My journey begins from here. Why do we carry restricted intelligence? And more than anything else, how do I access latent intelligence?

But one thing I have to admit. In all my attempts to be logical to understand the meaning of God, I've had experiences that I still have no logical explanations for. I always feel that I am being guided by some Energy toward something; that I'm still trying to figure out.

I feel that Energy everywhere. Within and without. This is possibly the closest available understanding of God in my limited personal spectrum of available information.

P.S : We don't claim any copyright over the image used. It's been sourced from the internet for non-commercial representation.

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