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Life @ 55

Some Free Funda Powerful Life Experience @ 55

Age is a Powerful Tool
1. The shift between the wiring of an employer vs the wiring of an employee, at whatever level, is different. Nothing is right or wrong. One of the biggest reasons for employees shifting into entrepreneurial mode and failing, is this huge gap which is often over looked.

Or the vice versa. 2. When my friend's company, a pioneer in Executive Coaching in India, sponsored my Coaching Course which I couldn't afford at that point in time, I had not much clue about what it was all about...some thought, its about mentoring like many still do.......even Coachees (in Bengali - the connotations are totally different !!) had no clue why they were hiring was the beginning of a very powerful trend.........but now its seems the world has more people willing to Coach than being Coachees.

Like in a recent interview, an actor very rightly pointed that there are more people willing to motivate you than people interested in getting motivated themselves.....!!

3. When someone has never been asked for an advice, he / she becomes all powerful when asked for the first time. And many a times, gets into a sudden 'I am on the top of the Pyramid' mode. Not realising that the steps below never existed in this case. So asking for advice is as much as an art and a responsibility as giving one.

4. It's NOT important to look busy when you are not. It's your bloody time. Do whatever works for you. Age doesn't matter as long your time doesn't matter to others.

5. Politeness should be practised always. But the degrees should change with need and circumstances. This is my recent learning. Over display of it seems like easy prey. You don't need to be a fox to understand that the jungle you live in has foxes. It could be in your office, friend circles, your residential society or extended family etc. There is always an evil fox on the prey to use your polite demeanour for personal gain. So be polite yet wear an amulet of assertiveness. Don't let the old fox win.

6. Every one is not a member of your inner circle where you live naked; wrapped in your pristine emotions. Even if they are extended family or friend or in the neighbourhood or at work. Protect your inner circle from traumas.
7. Being assertive doesn't mean you need to be rude or disrespectful .

8. Underplaying or camouflaging ability helps one to learn. When you are NOT a threat, people begin to take you lightly and begin to make mistakes. And that's your University.

9. The quality of a car doesn't qualify for the quality of the person who has bought it. Hence, I sold mine. I am carless. I use my wife's. Else taxis.

And if that meant my social status, then my target audience is wrong !!! Cars have depreciation. And it cant be the trigger for mental depreciation.

10. Everybody at 55 isn't planning retirement. For some, it's a new innings. Like just out of a B school. Struggling to find practical applications of all that one has learnt. Or dropping out of High School; trying to figure out how to use trigonometry to sell a Credit Card.

And that's when you are not clogged with your 55 years of inhibitions which you accepted as a part of yourself so far.

11. Someone once told me that I have never been in an employee mode. I have always been on the other side of the game. Nothing wrong. But its like being out of the box without any idea of what's inside.

12. You start growing a beard to cover the sagging jawline and give that intel look to your branding. Signs of perceived wisdom ?
13. Spend more time in front of the mirror trying to figure out a new hairstyle with receding hairline.

14. Anybody who says he or she knows one's self is lying since we have only access to 1 percent of the information in our cells.

15. Last but not the least. Dont give free advice and offer your influences / contacts / merit free of cost till one goes down on the knees asking for it. Then, it ill be valued. Its shouldn't be an EGO trip though ! This is applicable always. Everywhere. Everytime time.

Prove me wrong and I shall be glad !

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