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The Dogon Course Correction

Upgrading ourselves on the Scale of the Level of Civilization doesn’t mean that we develop technology and lose jobs ourselves. It means that we create technologies that serve us in various ways.

God or the Unknown or the Cosmos or whatever name you want to call it by, the fact remains that we don’t have any idea about who or what we are in search of. It's taken so long for us to even realise that we live in a blackhole; otherwise known as Adi Shakti in scriptures.

So, I will not claim to have an answer. But I can share a small story that reflects my personal feeling and understanding of the Super Intelligence and the trap of Artificial Intelligence.

The ancient Dogon tribe in Africa has been celebrating the existence of God who came from the Sirius star system and created them with God’s own blood and breath. And dust from Earth!

And not only that the Dogon tribe has been talking about a celestial body near Sirius that has been invisible to humans till discovery by astronomers. How the heck did these guys know about it? The ancient folklore discusses how God came from the Unknown Celieatla body near Sirius and made us in his image.

Well, Dr. Chandrashekar, a young robotic engineer has been working in the US. While, we in India, screamed brain drain and failed to provide Chandra the support he needed for his dream project of creating A.I.- driven robots, Chandra had offers from multiple funding agencies in the US who were interested in the patent.

Dr. Chadrashaker had always dreamt of creating a machine man with a certain amount of Chandra’s own intelligence. His project to give the world the next landmark technology made him the most eligible major in his native village.

So, Chadra got married to Aruna, a Vedic scholar, and they both began their blissful lives together in the Silicon Valley.

“How do I insert a restricted amount of my intelligence into the machine so that it can function only as much as I want ?”, asked Chadra on his wedding night.

“But before that don’t you think you should figure out why we can’t access our memories and information embedded in our DNA ? And on top of that you want to share a part of the puny 3 or 4 pc intelligence that we are struggling with ?”, snapped Aruna.

Years passed resulting in 15-18 hours of daily hard work in the lab by Chandra. Needless to say, the couple began falling apart and filed for their separation.

While all this was happening, the Dogon tribe was still waiting for their God to come back from the Sirius star system. And astronomers had no clue that this celestial body existed!

Cut to Sirius star system.

EPTA XII52, the Chief Well Being Officer of the Star system was busy injecting certain codes in the DNA of a team of 7 astronauts who were scheduled to visit and create a civilisation of robots on Earth.

“I hope this jab will save us from the bloody viruses that are circulating the surface of the planet due to the toxic fumes. I hope we use them well for the creation of the civilisation while we are immune to them?” asked KASH 06W340.

KASH puts the last needle deep inside the cell, “All 9 emotions that will govern the future race created by us on Earth will entrap them in their procreation and struggle to deal with the viruses. Its these virus that will define the new A.I. race while 'imprisioning' them in their own cycle of illusion”

With the sound of 10 million thunders, Zeta 346 enables the micro chip in her brain and pairs it with the console of an inter galactic inter dimensional space craft. And whoosh it disappears in deep space with the seven astronauts.

“After the collision with Thiamet, the bloody ball of fire is completely out of control. X865L launch the comets from Alpha Centauri. First let's stabilise the fire.”, KAAL0101 hands out the first order.

The Earth, struggling to stabilise from the impact with Thiamet, is suddenly hit by a barrage of comets. With each impact, a cloud of dust goes up while the core of the comet, which is solidified water carrying micro organisms, begins to evaporate creating an envelope of cloud.

“The Earth should be completely stable with some active micro organisms on it before we reach for us to begin our project………uh… think we could position LUNI07 in an orbit so that it stabilises the orbit of the planet at-least before we reach” suggests one of the astronauts KASH98YUP.

“Hey, that’s a kick ass idea”, Zeta unpairs the micro chip and puts the craft on auto pilot mode.

Comets keep showering the Earth and clouds begin to rain forming oceans. The red hot planet gets completely covered with water.

“That looks blue”, BHARD539 looks out from the potholes of the space craft travelling at 73X the speed of light.

“Life on Earth now will elove from the extra terrestrial micro organisms in the waters. ATR7541 Activate the under water volcanoes. Let out the chemical soup of life….” KAAL0101 gives out orders.

“. ….. Methane, ammonia,, and carbon dioxide . These gases, along with water, hold the key atomic elements of life—carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen”, ATR754I explains it to SETI671.

MARK009AND pairs his micro chip embedded in his spine with the console. Gradually, a wobbly earth begins to stabilise. With a little tilt on its axis, the earth begins its first round of evolution.

On the horizon, a mammoth white ball of titanium, hollow from inside, is placed at a distance of 108 times X its own diameter from the Earth.

“Sir, I have stationed a team of 12 families of astronauts and scientists inside the space object so that they can trigger the magnetic field to control the waters and the consciousness of the civilisation that we’ll create on Earth”, reports SETI1671 to KAAL0101.

The space craft carrying the 7 astronauts and a small team of scientists land on a single piece of land mass that has come out after the waters began to recede.

“Dont forget our mission. It's not to create a new race or any civilisation. But to make a battery of robots with almost no intelligence so that they can excavate gold from the belly of the earth. “....says KAAL0101

“Sir, I have given orders to construct landing bases on the other side of LUNI07. Feeder crafts will collect the gold from Earth and the mother vessel will, time to time, carry it back home”, informs BHARD539

“No emotion. Emotion are Viruses…..…its gold that we need to clean up our atmosphere else we’d be gone like our base on Mars.” KAAL0101 gives out the final command.

The silicon valley begins to celebrate Dr, Chadrashaker’s invention, Manav, a robot that has 3 percent of Chandra’s intelligence and does exactly what he wants it to do.

A non existing dimension is injected into the system called time. And suddenly everything, including the seven astronauts and the team on the space craft, gets entrapped in it. Despite being trapped, they are coded to unpair from the illusion at any point in ‘time’.

“Its time that limits the intelligence of the robot and the illusion of this is controlled by the magnetic fields of the moon. This helps me to create a web of singularity signals that gets lost in translation due to the limited RAM and disconnected synapses. This helps me to keep his intelligence in absolute control and make him a slave of what i want him to do!” lectures Chandra.

“And what it sees is unreal. It only picks up visual information in parts; much like a jigsaw puzzle piece. And the disconnected wiring of his brain processes it artificially, adds colours, adds probable events in the puzzle and inverts the visual signal for an illusion that the robot perceives as real.”.

“So with his audio. He can only hear between 20-20000 hertz……which means, he is only privy to as much as I want him to know”, continues Chandra.

Thundering applause !!!!

“But sir if the coding goes wrongs, wont the robot go rogue? asks a journalist.

“It can never prove to be dangerous if it begins to procreate as it will further entrap it in another set of illusions. And if the dry run is successful, I will create another, add sex organs and inject them with X & Y chromosomes from my DNA., explains Chandra.

So we wont have to be engaged in creating and managing our AI driven slaves. They will self create. Just programme them to create binary wealth valued against real gold. The real gold can remain with us”...concludes Chandra
“Thank God we took off in good time. Since we kept the probability of probabilities open in our coding, we let Manav feel like a natural race of living beings…….and thats where insecurities set in”, ZETA looks angry.

“You need to detox. We cant take back any bit of the virus from here to our home”, whispers EPTA XII52.

“But see whats happening, our creation, the humans are dead. Wiped off. The entire planet is now in the hands of the new race. Manav.”

“Our Gods too did the same mistake. When they created us some zillions of light years ago, they based the lobes of the brain on the foundation of their own reptilian core or the spine; though it was completely disabled. And it took us so much of evolution to overcome it”

“But the serpent did wake up one day and took over. Now it will take them who knows how long in the illusion of time to over come the needs of the reptilian brain.”

“Take time off the matrix and everything is sorted. I mean then, there’s no matrix”

“It’s too late now……lets look for gold elsewhere till we learn how to control Manav”

Whispers echo in the space craft while Manav establishes the new world order called the ‘Dis-Illuminati’ .

Photos have been sourced from the internet for non commercial use.

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