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Who Do I Vote For ??? A Common Man's Manifesto

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

In the circus that is happening in the name of democracy for the past 70 odd years, it clearly comes out that our choices have been mostly between mules and donkeys. We have had only a few horses as an option. So, I asked myself, who should I vote for the next time. I think it's not who but what I vote for. Anybody with the minimum following agenda in their manifesto shall have my humble vote. If not, no one gets my vote !!!!

1. If Engineers, Doctors, Pilots, Civil Servants, etc have to go through vigorous training and strict processes to qualify, why should political aspirants for seats in Parliament have the privilege of walking out of a prison and filing nominations. One can be free to be a political activist but to qualify to file papers for elections, candidates must clear at least a 3-year of strict training on political sciences, governance, morality, values, history, etc from a school for MPs in India and candidates must have no criminal / police track record.

2. Cabinet members must have proven track records of the subject/portfolio they are dealing with. A law minister must be an accomplished lawyer, a sports minister must be an accomplished sportsman, and a transport minister must have an accomplished track record in the business of Sea - Air - Land transport, etc. But all must qualify from a School for MPs in India and have won a seat in elections.

3. Salary of Jawans and Police should be increased. The policies of policing should be contemporary and civilian-friendly. The civil police force should be made stronger.

4. Religion by birth should be banned. One should be able to choose one's religion at the age of 16. There should be a blanket ban on the caste system. And if anybody chooses to not have a religion and caste, that should be fine. Application form of any sort should not ask for sex, religion, or caste.

5. Drinking water must be given supreme importance and it should reach every nook and corner of the country. The quality control methods to ensure tap water in any part of the country is drinkable. Make bottled water heavily taxable. Plastic for bottled water to be banned.

6. Plastic should be banned. Hemp should be promoted.

7. Licences with a monthly quota on alcohol should be introduced. Marijuana should be legalized and converted into a revenue generator with licenses/quotas for users. All chemical recreational drugs should be strictly banned.

8. Faster judiciary system.

9. Reservation should be banned with merit being the only way to avail opportunities. Processes to empower the backward and underprivileged sections should be targeted at achieving merit and no reservations. Therefore, equal opportunity policies should be implemented in every nook and corner of the country.

10. Clarity on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's disappearance and ex-PM Lal Bahadur Shastri's death. Also, the Agreement of agreement of Independence between British and India should be public and available easily.

11. Complete freedom of speech. No hindrance in artistic expressions as art, in any form, is the reflection of the time when it is created and should be preserved well.

12. All ailing government undertaking bodies should be privatized.

13. An active Lok Pal should be in place

15. Thar desert should be converted into a field of solar panels to generate an immense amount of energy for civil consumption at subsided rate. Solar panels for homes, schools, offices, stadiums, etc should be encouraged.

16. Quality education and facilities to receive it should be available in every nook and corner of the country.

17. Sex workers should be given licenses to execute their business with compulsory monthly health monitoring. They should be empowered with programs for skill development. Their children should be provided with education and rehabilitation.

18. Begging should be banned and such people should be rehabilitated and empowered.

19. Polluting industries must be banned with immediate effect until such time that they follow compliances.

20. All rivers should be cleaned. Pollution of nature should be dealt by strict criminal laws.

21. Rivers used for the maritime industry should be dredged regularly. Active river trade routes for nonperishable goods should be encouraged within the country and with Bangladesh. Maritime containers / nonperishable cargo must be encouraged to use river routes thereby reducing traffic on land and being cost-effective.

22.. All Indian ports should be equipped and manned professionally to reduce turn around time of a vessel thereby inviting more maritime lines to come into India which will help increase trade.

23. Rape, once proved, should result in nothing but the death penalty.

24. Any active and direct business interest of the Rothschild family in India should be completely banned.

25. India should offer visas on arrival only for tourists/travelers of countries that also offer the same facilities for Indians.

26. Possession of arms should be banned. Licenses should be terminated with immediate effect. Civil society should be arms-free.

27. Free medical facilities should be made available in all nooks and corners of the country.

28. There should be appraisals for government officials/ministers and non-performance should either result in termination, demotion or not being entitled to increment.

29. Protection and restoration of heritage and historical sites/buildings and promoting them for tourism.

30. Cleanliness should not be a tool for political campaigns but must be driven as an essential element in civic society with criminal laws to support it.

31. Sex education must be more vocal and candid.

32. Industries, Cottage Industries, Local business, Tourism etc should be developed/supported/encouraged for the entire North East. Special rehabilitation for tea estate workers.

33. Everybody after high school must spend one year in defence schools, with choices basis health, physical ability, and interest, as part of their graduating process for Bachelors or equivalent.

34. British era archaic laws must be either discarded or amended.

35. Macaulay's education methods should be banned with progressive methods of information sharing with emphasis on the Theory of Knowledge.

36. Adoption should be encouraged when planning a second child

37. Wasting food, water and energy should be a criminal offence.

38. Indigenous industries, cottage industries, and agro-based industries should be encouraged.

39. Ayurveda should be encouraged. Physical and mental health management should be encouraged at the school level

40. Practice of religion in public to be banned.

41. Have a concrete blueprint to increase export

42. Foreign brands in India can operate but the cap of their shareholding in any collaboration shouldn't exceed 30 %. and 20 % of their net profit earned in India needs to be reinvested in India.

(disclaimer - images have been sourced from the internet. we don't have any claim on them. used as reference)

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