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Who's Story is History ?

History has always been the story of the victor. For how a ‘benevolent’ Alexander after murdering his family members and innumerable humans to satisfy his hunger to conquer more and more land, spared Puru’s life and gave him a piece of land under his sovereignty and went back.

Purushottam supported by the strategy of Chanakya stood against the Macedonian invasion supported by the King of Ambi and kicked the invaders out. We will probably understand this if we spend a little time reading about Chanakya.

My history book in school read Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had died in a plane crash in Formosa. A crash that never happened.

Dwarka is a mythical city but a city off the coastline of modern-day Dwarka with artifacts going back as early as 30,000 years and habours have been found under the sea.

I strongly believe that our ancient history has gotten lost in the stories of our mythologies. So, in my attempt to understand and explore our mythology, I found some very interesting facts. But, I am neither a historian nor an archeologist and don't claim that what I am saying is right for you though I’m completely convinced within.

But what if history was like this?

A . India, the name doesn't come from the Indigo, Indus river, or even the Indian Ocean. It comes from the ancient name of Indian Ocean i.e. Indu Sagar ?

B. Asuras are depicted as demons. ‘Sura’ means ‘Devas’ i.e. intelligent beings with value-based attributes and believes in God. Asura is – ‘a’ sura. One who is not a Deva. How does one describe an Asura? A super-intelligent being who is always in research mode of questioning the meaning of ‘God’ and trying to understand with logic and science. Is neo-Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal a descendent of this lineage?

C. Ravan’s father-in-law, Mayasura, was a demon of sorts whose daughter Mandodari married the former. Mayasura was a super-powerful king and a brilliant architect. He was the one who had originally designed what later became Ravan’s palace in Lanka ?

Mayasura was the founder of Mayan civilization whose gold was looted much later in history by the invading Spaniards?

D. When Pharoah’s Ramesess’s name is split in half, following the grammar of fusion of words, we get ‘Ram’ & ‘Ashish’. The meaning of the sound of ‘Ram’ we understand and ‘Ashish’ means ‘Blessing’. So what’s happening ? In Kriya yoga, the chant for Manipura or Solar Plexus is also “Ram”.

E. Mali and Somalia are two poor nations in the continent of Africa in a long list of others. Somali is the name of Ravan’s maternal grandfather. And Mali is Somali’s brother. Interestingly, Timbuktu the land of mythical gold is in Mali. Gold from Mali too was used to make the palace in Lanka ?

F. Above Somalia is the land of Kushites. There are legends that dark-skinned Africans were the first Pharaohs of Egypt. These dark-skinned people were descendants of Kush after whom the land of Kush was named. Kush is one of the sons of Ram. Maybe this throws light on the name ‘Ramasess’ ?

G. The Daitya or Gaint Mahabali who was believed to be a large-hearted being was banished from Gondwana with his clan due to regular fights between Nagas, Devas, and the Asuras. So when he and his race began to move out, they first stopped at modern-day Bali. Then stopped at all the islands that come on the way to the Patal Lok or Latin America . Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Hawai, and Easter Islands before landing in Peru ?

H. Mountain tops were sliced to make airstrips in Nazca, Peru with markings on the ground for them to land safely?
I. The huge Trident-like engraving at Paracas (read 'Prakash') in Peru was to guide Mahabali and his entourage to find a way to land?

J. The first experiment to make humans happened in Africa and later modern-day Iraq. The race that was created in pre-Ice Age Africa was massively tall and had animalistic instincts. Looks like an experiment gone wrong. So came the Ice Age after the floods to clean these beings ?

K. The descendants of sage Astika are known as Aztecs? Even the original habitats of North America, the Red Indians are too of the same race as the Mayans ?

L. So during the Great Floods, the story of which is documented in myths all around the tropics, a wise man whose story is found all over the world by different names, is guided to collect specimens of all life forms on Earth and save them on a ship. What was happening was that the Floods were planned to clean the Earth of the experiments gone wrong and the genes from all forms of life were saved to begin a newer cycle of civilization ?

M. Ancient tribal African legend talks of Star people coming to Earth, making human-like figures with dust (silicon ?). The Star People put their own blood inside these human-like figures (read genes) and gave them their own Breath ?

Loads coming………………..

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