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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

In the world of creativity, I hear the word ‘struggle’ very often. Anybody trying to find a foot in the heart of things is a ‘struggler’.

When Rudra (fictitious) was trying to arrange money for his higher studies in the US after the sudden death of his father, what was he doing? What was he doing when John (fictitious) was fighting against all competition in his sales team to meet his daily target?

When Anita (fictitious) broke her leg while scaling down from Everest and with the only option of climbing down to save her life, what do you think she was doing?

Kishan (fictitious) left Banaras when he was a kid. Actually, he ran away from home. His father had caught him smoking a chillum by the ghats. He had no clue how to escape the wrath of his father. So he got into a train that was co-incidentally going to Bombay Central. To cut to the chase, Kishan grew up in a slum in Bombay. He worked in the port as a labour and later as a supervisor in a mill in Parel.

The owner of the mill also used to invest his money in horses and cinema. So one day, he cast Kishan as the hero of his next film which did wonders at the box office. Now, where’s the struggle here? Kishan (name changed) still blabbers about his struggling days and how he cracked his opportunity to become a matinee hero.

And now on a lighter note, when Munish (fictitious) comes home with a pale pink lip gloss mark on his collar and his wife notices it, what do you think the guy would be doing?

Sagar (fictitious) was born in a film family, long before the word nepotism came into existence. His father was a producer who was well known for his interest in female leads more than scripts.

Sagar went through all sorts of training before his launch as a hero. Horse riding, swimming, dancing, and martial arts besides regular visits to the salon was a part of his routine. And came the day of the ‘Mahurat’ when Sagar was being launched with full pomp and glory.

Sagar’s father had hired one of the top directors of the day to launch his son. The crucial moment came and Sagar had to deliver a punch line as the ‘Mahurat’ shot. Even after 23 takes, Sagar was not able to speak his line. So in this moment of challenge, what do you think Sagar was doing?

He was bloody struggling to speak his line in front of the camera. And why? Because Sagar had trained himself in everything but forgot to train himself in acting!

Everybody is struggling every moment. Some for excellence. Some for wealth. Some for the Spirit Unknown or some for the spirit in the glass at night.

I used to run my Guitar Schools then. An American had come to meet me through a friend. Coincidently an acquaintance from nowhere had arrived too. Those were the days of Bush Jr. And our Indian acquaintance was immersed in the fact that anything Indian was not worth his time.

Since I was busy, both the American and my Indian friend got into a long conversation. Even the American found it very difficult to understand the borrowed American-accented conversation by my Indian acquaintance. And this Indian guy would go on criticising everything Indian and had all praises for everything American.

So when the day ended and I was getting ready to leave the school, the American guy said, ‘It seems India has more Americans than America.”

Guess what !!!! I was struggling hard to hide my face.

The rich are struggling to invest, the middle class is struggling to save and the poor are struggling to survive.

So let’s not glorify struggle. Everybody is struggling at all levels all the time.

P.S: We don't claim any copyright over the image used. It's been sourced from the internet for non-commercial representation.

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